Book Week 24 supporters

The Jewish Literary Foundation is a registered charity and we rely on the generosity of individuals and charitable foundations to support our work. Thank you to all our valued supporters for making the 2024 Book Week festival possible. 

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Founders Circle

The Edith & Ferdinand Porjes Charitable Fund
David & Judy Dangoor

Presidents Circle

Klein Family Foundation
The National Library of Israel
Eduard Shyfrin and Family

Gold Circle

Vadim & Stella Aminov
The Jewish Quarterly
Pears Foundation
The Rosefield Family

Silver Circle

Sir Victor and Lady Blank
John S Cohen Foundation
Sheila and Dennis Cohen Charitable Trust
Avi and Alison Goldberg
Greenbrook Industries Ltd
Lady Morven Heller
Robin and Inge Hyman Charitable Trust
Kennedy Leigh Charitable Trust
Bianca and Stuart Roden
Kyte Charitable Trust
The Shoresh Charitable Trust
Michael and Gail Sandler
The Silver Family

Supporters Circle

David and Marion Cohen
Martin and Ruth Dunitz
Anthony and Lily Filer
Steve and Vicky Fobel
Peter Freeman
The Gordon Family
Alex Gordon and Laura Granditer
Antony Grossman
Maurice and Danielle Helfgott
Robin Hilton
Paul Israel
Tim and Emily Jackson
Stephen & Jennifer Latner
Hannah Brown and Adam Leigh
Karen and Lawrence Lever
Hylton Lewis
Steven and Alicia Lewis
Stephanie Marcus
Denis Raeburn
The Rosenblatt Family Charitable Trust
Joseph and Ruth Smilg Charitable Trust
The Stern Family
Esther and Romie Tager
Anne Webber
The George and Carmel Webber Memorial Trust
David Wolfson

With thanks to

Anglo Israel Association
Beit Avi Chai
Ben Uri Gallery
British and Irish Association for Jewish Studies
British Friends of the Hebrew University
Classi Lectures
Green Bean Books
Jewish Book Council
Jewish Renaissance
Jewish Review of Books
Lockdown University
New Israel Fund
Oxford Literary Festival
Rabin Chair Forum
Second Generation Network
The Jewish Brand
The London Library
UK Jewish Film
World Jewish Relief