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Support us

Literature does not only entertain. It informs and inspires us, forging a greater understanding of ourselves, enabling us to connect with others, and reveals new ways of seeing and engaging with the world we inhabit. The Jewish literary tradition is a vital contribution to the broader literary landscape. 

To achieve our aims, we need your support to ensure that our work can grow and develop, especially at a time when misinformation is so common, and the free exchange of ideas and democratic discourse is under threat.

We are prudent and careful managers of our funds, but in any single year the income from ticket sales at the annual festival covers only a third of our running costs. This means that we are reliant on the generosity of individuals and charitable foundations to support our work and to ensure that people from all backgrounds and ages can attend our events and enjoy all the resources we provide through our many activities. With the cuts in government grant support to cultural organisations, our need to raise funds from other sources is increasing.

If you would like to know how you can help by joining our existing Supporters, by sponsoring one of our events or programmes or by leaving a legacy in your will, please get in touch or simply make a donation.

However big or small your support is, it is incredibly valuable.